The Agency for Digital Italy

The Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) coordinates the policies in the field of innovation and actively supports the spread of information and communication technologies in favour of Public Administration digitisation and modernisation. All its guidelines and its actions are developed at National and European level in a unitary and consistent perspective, they:

  • promote the interoperability, the standardisation, the integration and the practical public information systems,
  • are designed to ensure, to public services on the net for citizens and companies, uniform levels of quality, availability and usability in the whole National territory.

In the broader context of the Digital Agenda for Europe, the AgID is directly involved in particular in the achievement of the objectives of the Digital Italian Agenda, to which the Science & Technology Digital Library is linked.

Among the strategic pillars and areas of intervention of AgID which the Project addresses, there are:

  • Infrastructures and security - to federate the PA technological infrastructure, to ensure safety and reliability to the preservation and management of public data and to provide integrated and shared high quality services
  • Public data and sharing - to promote access, availability, usability and valorisation of public sector information
  • Digital administration - to encourage, within the PA, the process of rationalisation, streamlining, improvement and digitisation, in order to concretely implement the Italian and European Digital Agenda
  • Smart communities - to define strategies and objectives, to coordinate the implementation process and to provide the means for the advancement of smart communities