Project structure

10 work package

The 'Science & Technology Digital Library' Project is divided in 10 work packages, each of them is further detailed into tasks.

WP1 - Project management and results dissemination
WP2 - Digital bibliographic resources and services purchase
WP3 - Science & Technology Digital Library Portal (PSTDL)
WP4 - Catalogues and MetaOPAC
WP5 - Realisation of a multifunctional space to give access to resources to external users
WP6 - Repository Platform
WP7 - Virtual Reference
WP8 - E-learning
WP9 - Scientific and Cultural heritage Digitisation
WP10 Digital preservation system for research output



Among the 10 work packages:

  • 4 core WP were identified, which are closely related one to each other. They represent the core of the Project and they will be developed according to a total interoperability vision:
    • WP3 Portal
    • WP4 Catalogues and MetaOpac
    • WP6 Repository Platform
    • WP10 Digital Preservation
  • 6 subordinate WP, whose implementation is strongly bound to an increase in partnership agreements.

Project structure