WP8: E-learning

WP8 aims at developing an integrated selection of e-learning services, that make learning tools, platforms and environments, modules, lessons and various didactical materials in the LIS field available to different user communities.

According to the integrated approach, the e-learning services will be gradually shaped on the basis of participants needs, experiences and expertise – already possessed, to be developed ex novo or to be improved and refined – thanks to partners and target groups involvement and co-operation.

In agreement with the Project incremental evolution methodology, there will be a systematic interaction with users in order to monitor and assess training activities development and outcomes and to adapt the training offer itself.

Within WP8:

  • e-learning technologies and research advancements
  • the socio-constructivist paradigm, that fosters the social and collaborative learning dimension and focuses on:
    • know-how and problem solving
    • peer collaboration
    • practice communities building

will be developed.

WP8 will cover all the different training aspects, starting from the target communities training needs analysis to the e-learning environment design and prototype implementation, to tutors training, to training delivery, evaluation and fine-tuning.

In training initiatives attention will be paid to resources re-usability and to practice scalability.