WP7: Virtual Reference

WP7 aims at developing an online service that widens and improves traditional library reference services, in order to ensure quickness and accuracy in information search, thanks to an information specialist acting as a mediator irrespective of user and resources location.

WP7 will allow:

  • R&D library collaborative network building to deliver service on a large scale;
  • service iterative development, as a consequence of partners cooperation and user communities continuous feedback.

Virtual reference provides remote users with:

  • information and document search and retrieval;
  • support in preparing studies, dossiers and specialised profiles;
  • support in document management system development;
  • mailing list creation and hosting;
  • direct interaction with registered users through e-mails, mailing lists, RSS, forums etc.;
  • chance to find and contact experts in different research fields;
  • chance to access to online services through other information systems (Portal, MetaOPAC etc.).