WP5: Realisation of a multifunctional space to give access to resources to external users

According to the libraries identity renewal within the CNR, WP5 deals with the realisation of a multifunctional space at the CNR main library, that will allow:

  • a most effective usage of CNR multimedia and digital heritage;
  • a targeted service offer aiming at the CNR research community expertise valorisation.

To this end:

  • advanced technologies to browse, discover and use information resources will be adopted;
  • services aimed at popularising cultural initiatives and training experiences will be delivered in order to ensure a better interaction between the R&D field and different user communities;
  • all users, including people with disabilities, will be able to exploit the multifunctional space thanks to highly specialised personnel.

A project proposal has been prepared, to build three prevalent rooms:

  • the library without books;
  • the virtual science museum;
  • the 4D room, a projection theatre displaying 3D images supplied by odors and sense stimulation.