The National Research Council

The National Research Council (CNR) is the research institution holder of the S&TDL Project, because:

  • it carries out research in the main areas of knowledge and it is highly multidisciplinary
  • its main objective is to create value through knowledge generated by research; according to Art. 3 of CNR Statute, in particular:
    • It proposes, coordinates and develops strategic research projects of National importance, often appointed directly by the Government, in collaboration with universities and companies, taking into account the research and innovation needs at a regional level
    • It gives support to International institutions of the European Union, and to National and regional organisations for the evaluation and monitoring of scientific programmes
    • It collaborates with universities and with the other research institutions in order to promote and spread scientific and technological knowledge and to share research infrastructures
    • It promotes the enhancement and use of research results and knowledge spread in society.

The Networking and Information System Unit is the mediating unit, able to put innovation at the service of the information needs of the different scientific communities in a highly flexible way and without disciplinary bias.