Innovation Union

It is one of the flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and it proposes a new strategic approach to innovation.

With the EC Communication on 6th October 2010 [COM (2010 ) 546 final] it aims to support and encourage innovation at all stages of research and development, having, at the same time, a positive impact on employment, economic growth and the social and cultural development in the EU by 2020.

The Innovation Union is based on some key actions:

  • To develop knowledge and skills, and to modernise education and training systems with a major focus on scientific education
  • To promote scientific and technological cooperation and collaboration in building European research infrastructures among the Member States of the European Research Area
  • To strengthen the cooperation between the world of science and the world of business
  • To promote innovative companies and to facilitate interoperability between innovative products and systems
  • To promote joint research initiatives and technology transfer among the Member States encouraging creativity, and to establish partnerships for innovation
  • To enhance social and territorial cohesion