WP10: Development of a long-term digital preservation system for research output

WP10 aims at developing a long-term digital preservation system for research output, that is interoperable with similar National, European, and International systems.

This initiative includes:

  • identification of open organisational models, standards, methods, procedures and technologies, that are suitable to ensure preventive preservation of research digital output, their accessibility and long-term usability, together with their certified integrity and authenticity;
  • implementation of an open technological infrastructure, that is interoperable with similar initiatives, thanks to the collaboration with partners and the participation in National and European initiatives/projects;
  • persistent identifiers management systems.

To this end, the reference model is the OAIS standard (Open Archival Information System - IS0:14721:2003 and further releases): on this basis, a long-term digital preservation sub-system architecture proposal has been presented.

WP10 activities are closely interrelated with those of WP3, WP4 and WP6; the Repository Platform will also host digital contents coming from WP9.

Moreover, WP10 is highly dependent on data and information contents production and management from WP2, WP7, WP8.

Ultimately, WP10 intends to offer a methodological contribution to the development of a National long-term digital preservation system, according to Commission Recommendation of July 17th, 2012 on access to and preservation of scientific information (2012/417/EU).