WP6: Repository Platform

WP6 aims at implementing a platform based on a cooperation model using open technologies and standards; the repository platform will host other institutions repositories in an interoperable fashion, according to initiatives, policies and programmes on Open Access and Digital Preservation led by the EU, National and International academic and scientific institutions (MIUR, CRUI, Science Europe, EUROHORCs, ERC, NSF, EUA, etc.).

Looking forward to develop a relevant component of a National system of research open access repositories, platform technological, technical and functional requirements will encourage the participation of R&D institutions in the Project.

WP6 will allow:

  • wider research output dissemination and the related increase in impact and visibility
  • systems, tools and methods set-up and tuning for persistent identification and data and metadata certification in order to favour their use in management and research assessment processes
  • platform interoperability with:
    • main academic and R&D information systems
    • current initiatives on long term digital preservation systems development
    • National and International persistent identification systems
    • main National and International IT infrastructures

in order to achieve total interoperability.

According to the Project integrated approach, WP6 activities will be closely interrelated with those of WP3, WP4 and WP10.